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Our Business Services 
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 Providing personalized care, medical assistance, and companionship for individuals within their residences.
Retail: Offering diverse products to cater to various consumer needs.
Online Business: Providing goods or services through digital platforms.
Computer Tech: Expertise in computer hardware, software, and tech solutions.
Consultation: Offering professional advice and guidance across different industries.

Training: Providing educational programs and skill development sessions.
Trade and Supplier: Facilitating trade and supplying diverse products.
Care Home: Offering residential care services for the elderly or individuals in need.
General Business Services: Assisting with various business-related needs.
Barbing: Specializing in hair cutting and grooming services for men.
Transportation: Providing transport services for people or goods.
Fashion Designing: Creating and selling unique and trendy clothing.
Hair Styling: Offering diverse hair styling and treatment services.
Shoe Making: Crafting and selling custom or standard footwear.
Computer and Electronic Repair: Fixing issues with computers and electronic devices.
Building Maintenance: Providing upkeep and maintenance services for structures.
Daycare: Caring for children during the day in a safe environment.
Shipping and Supplier: Handling shipping logistics and supplying goods.
Construction: Building and renovating structures for residential or commercial purposes.
Renewable Energy: Offering sustainable and eco-friendly energy solutions.
Tie and Dye: Creating colorful and unique patterns on fabrics.
Laundry Service: Providing washing and ironing services for clothes.
Billboard Production: Designing and installing advertising billboards.
Photography and Artwork: Capturing moments through photography and creating visual art.
Event Planning: Organizing and coordinating various events and functions.
Printing: Offering printing services for diverse needs.
Hiring: Facilitating employment by connecting job seekers with employers.
Coffee Shop: Providing a relaxing environment for coffee enthusiasts.
Health Care Center: Offering medical services and care to patients.
Catering Service: Providing food and beverage services for events or occasions.
Marketing and Advertising: Promoting businesses through strategic marketing campaigns.
Carpentry: Crafting woodwork and furniture pieces.
Mobile Services: Offering various services that are mobile and accessible.
Tutoring: Providing educational support and academic tutoring.
Mechanic Services: Repairing and maintaining vehicles.
Errand Services: Assisting with various tasks and errands.
Massage Therapy: Offering therapeutic massages for relaxation and wellness.
Restaurant: Providing dining experiences with diverse cuisines.


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Our Story

Vocational skills typically refer to skills and occupations that you gain toward becoming knowledgeable in a specific trade or profession. Acquiring one or two vocational skills is a vital first step to entrepreneurship. Most successful business owners and entrepreneurs in across the  started by acquiring a vocational skill or training that is in high demand in the society.

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Janitorial and Cleaning Services
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Laundry Services
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Solar Panel Sales and Installation
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Fashion Desining
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Computer Services
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Hair Stylist
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Art & Craft Services
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Day care Services
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Office Rentals
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Care-home Services
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